An Electric Moment

by Closer

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This album took ages. Just over ten years in fact. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed arguing endlessly over how loud the guitars should be and how much reverb to put on the snare. Hopefully more.

Download the whole album to get a couple bonus tracks too, Yaldi!

Love, Closer

Look, see how much fan we had recording it @

We Got Air Play:

Trial In Error @
Trial In Error (44mins in) @ A Slice of Fried Gold

Things Nice People Say:

"If you liked yer Pixies, Mudhoney, Indie-Grunge like I did...this is right up your street.....for a new era of fans of cerebral intoxicated Indie Rock mayhem love juice..... I want the album!!" Pete Carol @ "the indie"

"Closer might be set to kick off the next grunge revival"

"If you like your classic rock loud and eclectic, then we have the very thing for you. 10 years in the making, Closer have just released their album An Electric Moment, and it takes the best of US alternative rock of the late ’80s and the ’90s and squeezes out any unnecessary excess to leave a set of songs that are lean and lairy, just as they should be."

"Nostalgic nineties rejoice"

Other Mentions:

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released June 15, 2015

Guitar, vocals - David Wason
Bass, vocal - Nigel Dunn
Drums, vocals - Andrew Mills

Recorded @ Dunn Mana Studios, Glasgow by Closer and Ali Murray
Mixed by Closer, (but mainly Nigel Dunn)

All songs (c) and (p) Wason/Dunn/Mills 2015



all rights reserved


Closer Glasgow, UK

Waster, Mills and Nig are a band called Closer who got themselves signed to the then-trendy but now-defunct Adorno Records in the early Naughties, touring the UK and Europe in tsupport of their debut album 'Rules For A Normal Life' by 2004 but Took A Break in early 2006, citing a combination of fatigue and A Big Guy With A Beard... Now out The Huff and back together with a vengance for Album II. ... more

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Track Name: EMSC
We'll lie across and meet at sea, we're buried under ancient ashes
Without a grudge or cross to bear, we're out at sea, got out for free
We're heard across the ballroom dancers, tired and feathered in disaster
There's no-one here so be my guest, go tell on me, I'll go without delay

Serenade myself.
Give up.
Get out of here, and don't come back alone.

I'll sell myself, my protege, I'll dangle from the height she crashes
Describe the thing you hate the most, it's you or me
Give out, give up
Aspire to be the young pretender, shoot to reach that last crescendo
Solitary can't be single
Where I am best we'll go without delay

We're a victim of our own silences
Put your hand on my face and I'll hold still
You silence me.
Track Name: The Bones Of It
I'm still afraid that I'm not supposed to be here
I'm still afraid to look me in the eye
I wonder if you wonder, was I doing what I'm told
I'm still afraid to look me in the eye

Sigh cold, psycho.
Sigh cold, I won't lament you.
Even if I could.

I know who you are now.
Track Name: Skeleton Clothes
If you tell me not to think, I will think about it
If you tell me to try, I could go without it
I'm standing outside looking up at you.

If you tell me not to think, I will think about it
If you tell me to try, I could go without it
I'm standing outside thinking of you.

I'm thinking what we could do baby
I'm thinking what we should become
I'm thinking what we can do baby
I'm feeling what we would become

Hello outside, I'll keep my opinions to myself.
I'll be the one you were always after.
Track Name: Seemless
Alter seemless story, I will whisper to your glory

This is the end
End of line.

Censor me from knowing
I will whisper your name, only to myself.

Worship at your feet, I'm failing.
End of line.
Track Name: Progress, In Chrome
You better believe it, the saddest song I heard was not about you.

I never believed the things they said about you.

Don't go without leaving.
Track Name: Trial In Error
You'll sit beside them til it bled
Close your windows and doors
Close your eyes, close your mind
Don't listen, don't listen, don't talk.

You'll sit beside them it said
You won't go out in the sun, you won't go to the ride

Let's pretend life's a rehearsal.

[Robot, robot, sweet child of mine]

Let's pretend life's a rehearsal, we don't need any more.

We don't need nothing but each other any more.
Track Name: Test Fight
Let's start a fight, it'll be delightful
Lead shallow lives, with hungry minds

Let's start a fight where no-one ever needs to say...

I belong with the corpse in silence
I belong in the lower tier
Incendiary acts of violence, sit tight and wait for instructions
Here we are, just you wait and see

Let's start a fight, where no-one ever needs to say...
Goodbye, and don't come back.

Come back to me tonight, come back to me I beg you
Come back to the silence she said
We'll fit in somewhere
We'll fit in somewhere new.
Track Name: Stranger Danger
We fake, we fight, we will re-design
We're burning up the underground
The faces and the avenues we fight, wound up round you

I wonder, what this could be...
Can you hear my beating heart, wrapped up round you?
Track Name: Sorry Excuse
Self inflicted silent nights
I feel better on the inside
I can do better
Raze my mind and light my temple

But I'm wasting my time away and I'll never take a holiday
I'm wasting my days and my breath
But you won't remember anyway
I'm a sorry excuse for a man.

Razor my senses, sticks in my soul
Wait for my signal
I can do better
Raze my mind and light my temple
Track Name: Hunted, High & Low
I haven't seen a single one, and I've hunted high and low
My frozen assets won't work for me
A dozen phone calls, I'm sorry, I miss you

I'm so ordinary, you're extraordinary high or low
Have you seen the way she goes, my constant reminder

Let's go to bed

I called the number, honest in my head
Our frank discussions lead to arrival
I'm not the same, I left a reminder
I'm not the same since I hung up to drive

Let's go to bed, and rest above the tide
Let's go to bed, to sing ourselves goodnight
Let's go to bed, I wonder if enchanted
Don't walk away, let's go to be